Creative Sound Blaster “SB0680” Driver

The Entry to Better Quality Surround Audio for Games, Movies & Music over Basic Motherboard Audio

Sound Blaster® 5.1 sb0680 is the choice for those looking for better quality audio that basic audio solution on the motherboard just can’t deliver.

Music Player and Organizer

* Sound Blaster 5.1 comes with Creative PlayCenter that allows you to playback and organises your Music Library in WAV, CD, MP3 formats and more.

Surround Sound in Music
* CMSS feature upmixes any stereo audio content to up to 5.1 surround audio. So immerse yourself in your favorite music.

Cinematic Surround Sound in Movies
* Enjoy captivating 5.1 multi-channel surround sound with CMSS. Works with any software DVD-Player that supports Dolby Digital or DTS decoding for cinema-like movie experience.

Realistic Gaming Experience with EAX®

* Experience the realism of environmental audio effects in the hottest games today. Only Sound Blaster can fully deliver the audio experience of EAX in supported games to let you feel the environment of the games you are in.

Surround Sound with 3D Games
* Sound Blaster 5.1 SB0680 accurately delivers the 3D Positional Audio so that you know exactly where your enemy is!

File Size : 11.31 Mb
OS Support : Windows XP

Creative SB0680 Driver Download

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